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Mayor's welcome

 I would like to take advantage of the opportunity afforded to me by the latest in information technology in order to welcome the Internet users who are interested in the Town Hall or information provided therein. Here you can have a taste…

Our municipality is extensive and varied. It comprises two traditional population areas: Es Mercadal, a characteristic inland town nestled at the foot of the Toro Mountain; and Fornells, a charming and colourful fishing village on the seashore.
In addition, we have two tourist areas on the northern coast of the island.

We are located, therefore, in the centre of the island of Minorca; we have two natural ports, Fornells and Addaia, and a great number of beaches and coves, some totally untouched and others equipped with all the necessary services. We are surrounded by wide areas of special ecological interest, such as wetlands, cultivated areas, holm oak and pine groves, etc. These natural spaces are worth finding a moment to visit.

From one town to the next, you will also find a wide offering of activities—whether social, cultural or athletic—as well as a renowned fairs and markets. All these events contribute to the positive reputation of our commerce and hotels and restaurants. We are striving to make our municipality a model for public facilities on the island, as these developments will benefit everyone.

We would like to invite all visitors to get to know us; be assured that you will be received with the hospitality we are known for. Whether in winter or summer, you will find a place to share moments of your life with us, and if you like what you see, you might take the next step and… come to live among us.

I hope that the municipal web will be beneficial, useful and interesting for all those who visit it. Do not hesitate to use this site as a window open to everyone in order to make suggestions, complaints or any type of comment that could help the Town Hall to improve, and hence achieve a better quality of life for our citizens.

Welcome to the municipality of Es Mercadal.

The mayor

C/ Major, 16 - 07740 Es Mercadal
Tf/ 971 37 50 02 - Fax: 971 37 55 76

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